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International markets represent a major opportunity. But global expansion poses challenging questions for leaders across legal, finance, accounting and HR teams:

  • Where do I begin when exploring international expansion?

  • What entity structure is right for us?

  • What are my options for hiring in foreign locations?

  • How do I manage multiple vendors across multiple locations?

  • Will I be able to stay on top of compliance and risk mitigation?

  • How will I maintain accurate financial reporting?

  • Can I manage our growth aspirations without headcount internally?

With Blueback Global, you can confidently manage and expand your business internationally

Since 2013, dozens of companies, ranging from the Fortune 500 to startups, have partnered with Blueback to quickly, efficiently and affordably scale their businesses across 120 countries. Here are some examples of our capabilities.

We provide accounting, payroll, HR and compliance support services for their 70+ expat employees in India and provide monthly financial reports to HQ.

1. A financial services software company expands to India

We provide accounting, payroll, HR and compliance support services for all seven countries, bringing the points of contact down from 20+ to one and saving managers over 15 hours a week.

2. An NYC-based software company deals with 20+ vendors for operations in seven countries.

We managed a smooth termination of employees, helping the company negotiate for mutually agreeable settlement terms, and de-registered the entity within four months (less than half the normal time).

3. A cybersecurity firm winds down its operations in China

We processed work permits applications in Japan, Australia, and Singapore, and helped win appeals for applications that were initially denied.

4. A San Francisco company expands its presence across Asia and Australia.

Our client needed to employ several employees in Israel, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. We helped assess our client’s business requirements and objectives, which led to their decision to set up an entities in Israel and in Dubai. We also support the company’s monthly accounting, VAT reporting, payroll and compliance requirements in country.

5. An Silicon Valley-based software company seeks to expand into the Middle East

Even without a registered entity in Singapore, the company was still able to hire the employee, by utilizing our International Outsourced Employer Services.

6. A multimedia hardware company hires an employee living in a foreign country.

Simplify your Global Expansion Approach

Our International Entity and Outsourced Employer Services eliminate complexities around entering or expanding operations in international markets. As your trusted guide, we ensure timely, legal and efficient management of your resources -- reducing risks, ensuring compliance and driving cost savings.

 International Entity Solutions

  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Corporate Tax | VAT | Indirect Tax
  • HQ Reporting
  • Entity and Business License Registration
  • Tax and Employer Registration
  • Bank Account Setup
    • Payroll
    • Social Security
    • Withholding and Payroll Tax Submission
    • International HR Advisory
    • International Tax and Accounting Advisory
    • International Tax Advisory
    • Employment Contract and Benefits Setup
    • Leave Tracking and Benefits Admin etc.
    • Foreign Country Work Permit
    • License Renewal and Entity Annual Returns
    • Payroll and Employment Law Compliance
    • Tax, Financial Reporting and Compliance

     International Outsourced Employer Services

    • Customize Locally Compliant Agreements
    • Setup and Manage Contractors
    • Facilitate Payments to Contractors
    • Full Outsourced HR
    • Employer of Record
    • Employee Benefits Setup and Admin

    Blueback Global's Approach

    Our service approach is always customizable to any need.

    blueback global approach 1
    1. Understand Your Needs

    We conduct complimentary meetings to understand your needs, and develop the scope of work accordingly

    blueback global approach 2
    2. Customized Solutions

    International expansion is complex; our solutions are not. All of our solutions are available a la carte style, customized to fit your needs.

    blueback global approach 3
    3. No Lock In

    All the services we provide are available either on demand, or on a month to month basis. There is no lock in period and no bull*@#$ terms and conditions, other than 1 to 2 months’ notice, so we may properly transition

    To Every Blueback Global Client, We Offer:
    Great Client Experience
    Single Point of Contact
    Unparalleled Global Perspective


    We cut through complexities by eliminating multiple touch points in each of your foreign locations

    Every Blueback Global client has a dedicated account executive with deep in-market experience. your go-to contact provides a simplified, integrative, proactive approach to project work.


    Value to You

    1) Single-source for project and international location status updates

    2) Partner that plans ahead, crafts project plans and anticipates next steps

    3) Reduced vendor management

    4) Efficient communication and status reporting

    5) Emphasis on proactivity and simplicity


    Usability and functionalities are the cornerstones of a good design. Our approach brings the best experience to our clients and their people.

    Recognizing every client is different, Blueback Global takes the time to understand your business objectives. Our advisory support is flexible and transparent. We deliver only what you need — reliably, efficiently, and affordably.


    Value to You

    1) Complimentary assessments to understand your needs and develop appropriate scope of work

    2) A la carte style offerings; choose what you need

    3) On demand and month-to-month provisioning; no long term commitments

    4) Full phone and email access to service team; no run-arounds


    Our extensive team and network offer expert advisory services and support global expansion and operations in over 120 countries.

    With offices in California, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, Blueback Global’s team possesses rich, contextual understanding of global markets. Our comprehensive experience lets clients seamlessly navigate the inherent complexities of international expansion.


    Value To You

    1) Global team provides rich local context and trend monitoring

    2) Fewer new-market ‘unknowns’

    3) Awareness of nuanced compliance, reporting, labor and legal requirements by sub-market

    4) Opportunity for local, in-person interfacing where needed

    5) Network of local teams to support you locally

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We're happy to address any questions you may have about partnering to meet your international expansion objectives

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