trends in international business
In order for any business to maintain its customer acquisition rate, and to progress in general, it must follow trends and adapt to new situations. There are new gadgets, online
global expansion main blogpost
With the ever-increasing scientific and technological developments, reduction in communication barriers and increase in global consumer demand, the importance and requirement of globalization for any growing organization is undeniably evident.
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With the advent of new technologies and innovations around the world, the global economic environment continues to evolve and thrive. Change, therefore, becomes the new constant. As change becomes a
starting a business overseas main new
As the world economies become increasingly inter-connected, benefits of a company starting a business overseas are significant. Companies have recognized the need and opportunity to expand their product and services offering
american companies expanding overseas main new
The great recession of 2009 has fundamentally altered the American economy and business environment. In the past several years, the decrease in domestic demand, coupled with a bigger global market, has resulted
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Hong Kong and Singapore have always been seen as two fierce competitors that try to attract foreign investments. Both are similar in many ways, and yet, individually possesses competitive advantages
Global Expansion Summit Blueback
Global Expansion Summit London, O2 Intercontinental – June 19-20, 2017 Each year, the GXP Summit in London welcomes 1000+ attendees from 62 countries, including 400+ c-suite and 120+ speakers from 700+
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We at Blueback Global have recently designed a global mobility checklist. Global mobility in this framework attributes the process of relocating an employee from the current location of employment (i.e., the home country) to
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When your HR department is overwhelmed with routines, it’s important to look for ways to outsource HR operations. Here a solution of SMS texting comes. It simplifies several human resources
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Imagine this scenario: It has been three years since you launched that killer product in the US. You’ve experienced exponential growth in sales. Your market research shows that demand for