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Blueback Global is the solution for your Company Internationalization

As international operations grow, develop and change, so do the corresponding challenges.


You may start to require resources in each of your international locations to assist with the respective operations there. There are three common options:

  • Set up a legal entity in the foreign location, and hire employees directly
  • Hire contractors without setting up a legal entity in the foreign location
  • Hire employees through third party employer of record, without setting up a legal entity in the foreign location


Blueback Global’s International Outsourced Hiring Solutions can help with any of the three options above.

Single Point of Delivery:

You will interact with and get updates on the status of each matter, from a single point of contact

Speedy and Timely Response

We respond to all queries, usually within half a day or within the hour.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Blueback Global’s global team ensures that each step of our process is reviewed for quality and that the most appropriate resources are assigned.

Fully-Managed Services

Once we are engaged, we will prepare the process needed for converting contractors into employees


We will discuss the types of benefits that will be offered to the individual new employees


We will set up monthly payroll, and social security contributions support. We will also handle all withholding and payroll tax payments and reporting

We will ensure compliance with year-end statutory returns and filings


We will explain the employer of record approach and answer employee queries connected with this arrangement

Areas We Can Support

Our Overseas Employer Services can solve the following common problems that you may face:

Common Problems
- You have contractors overseas that you intend to convert into employee status
- Contractors prefer to have employee status for enhanced sense of belonging and job security
- Employee status provides the company more control over the training and quality
- Contractors desires to become employees in order to have benefits and access to social security
- Contractors seek employee status in order enjoy certain tax deductions
Overseas Employer Services
Customize a locally-compliant contractor agreement
Employer of Record services
Fully managed employer services - Benefits - Social security enrolment and administration - Leave tracking - Payroll
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