This is my company’s first time expanding internationally, where do we start?

Many of Blueback Global’s clients have never had international operations of any kind. Our team works with you to consider all relevant factors, goals and priorities related to new market entrance or hiring. Together, we craft a custom approach to growth and establish a phased plan to establish an entity, register your business and setup requisite accounting, reporting, payroll, HR, tax and compliance functions.

Blueback is not reactive, nor do we wait for you to tell us what to do.

We effectively project manage the expansion and/or outsourced employer service efforts while keeping you appropriately involved and informed.

How much time will we work together?

Clients derive incredible value from Blueback Global’s ability to work behind the scenes to get things done. While we work together to establish goals and scope of work, our team does the “heavy lifting” on your behalf. This lightens internal bandwidth constraints, contains costs and allows in-market experts to manage services for you.

While you maintain visibility and decision-making leadership, we keep you equipped with resources, knowledge, project plans and expertise to make quick, informed decisions.

We have had clients go from daily engagement with 4-5 vendors, across multiple countries to a single, thirty minute daily update with their dedicated account executive.   

My company already works with multiple accounting, HR and payroll vendors internationally. Can you help me streamline efforts?

It is common for clients to have multiple vendors and multiple systems of record across each country of operation.

Blueback Global offers an integrative, single point-of-contact experience for clients. This standardization enhances clarity, creates seamless compliance routines and consistency of reporting and management across functions and countries.

How does Blueback Global’s advisory business differ from the “big 4” experience?

Blueback Global’s size allows a level of agility, availability and connectivity that few firms can replicate.

We execute on behalf of clients with laser focus; quickly delivering results and value. We maintain investments in technology and leading, local talent as reflected in our high value-to-fee quotient.

Clients and Blueback Global become true partners – and as expansion and international operations goals evolve, your dedicated account executive is with you every step of the way.

We aren’t siloed or disconnected across our global offices, but work well as unified team.