How it Works

Blueback Global makes going international easy. The first step is to determine the optimal structure for your expansion. We can function as an Employer of Record (EOR) where your employee is hired through our international entities, or we can help you set up your own entity if you plan on having a larger presence in a country.

Step 1: Determine Structure

Step 2: Contractor vs Employee

EOR allows for you to quickly employ people or manage contractors in another country via Blueback’s established entities. You don’t have to function as the legal employer of your employees and contractors, but you can still oversee payroll and benefits, and enjoy all the perks of having talented people in the countries you need.

Contractor Management Services

No matter where the contractor is working in the world, Blueback can quickly provide administrative and payment support to them via our established entities to ensure your projects can be completed quickly and without HR headaches.

EOR Employees

With an employer of record relationship, your people will have employee status in the country in question. Meanwhile, you get to manage their benefits and working relationship without worrying about an entity or payroll solutions.

Step 3: The EOR Process



When you want to add an employee via EOR, you only have to provide the required information to create an employment contract; we take care of the rest. Yes, it is that easy.



Work permits, payroll taxes, visa applications, and other legal compliance issues are all managed with no risk to your company.



When bringing on a new employee, they are fully set up with payroll and benefits in a timely, seamless manner.

Step 2: Determine Entity Type

Having an entity in a new country allows for you to quickly employ or contract people. You serve as the legal employer of your employees and contractors just like in your headquarter country.


Setting up a subsidiary enables you to carry out a wide range of local business activities. This is suitable for a larger footprint and presence.

Simple Entity Registration or Payroll-only

This is easier, less costly, and quicker to set up, but may limit the scope of your business activities.

Step 3: Operating an Entity



When you want to add an employee via your new entity, you only have to provide basic information for Blueback Global to create an employment contract.


Reporting to HQ

Blueback Global calms the noise and reduces the confusion that comes with entity creation through a single point of contact to help with your expansion.



When you want to add an employee via EOR, you only have to provide the required information to create an employment contract; we take care of the rest. Yes, it is that easy.

Step 4: Maintenance with


ExpansionWorks® is our efficient technology platform, designed with simplicity in mind for your day-to-day work with Blueback Global.

Review and approve key documents in seconds and enjoy straightforward back-office management. With ExpansionWorks®, your payroll and tax returns are no longer something to dread.

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Easily approve payroll calculations. ExpansionWorks® provides a one-click, single invoice for each location. It is easy to follow spending by each country you are in.



Access to documents and payments through ExpansionWorks® is secured by two factor authentication. You also have the peace of mind of knowing you are GDPR compliant. We take stringent measures to minimize cyber attacks, while enabling you to still easily manage back-office operations.



You have the ability to see real time spending and operations data in each country. Data is connected directly with reporting and oversight.



When you want to add a new employee via EOR or if your employee has a question about benefits, we are your single point of contact.

Ready to go global?

Blueback Global is able to cater to all of your expansion needs. Let us take the fear and uncertainty out of your growth.

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