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Blueback Global is the solution

Managing global HR operations is a time-consuming and complex process, due to different labor regulations, employee rights, benefits requirements and governmental attitude in each jurisdiction.

By providing an extension to your internal HR team, we can reduce the level of complexity of international HR matters, and make it easier.

Blueback Global’s Overseas Entity Services (Global OES) solution can help.

Single Point of Delivery:

You will interact with and get updates on the status of all international HR matters, from a single point of contact

We Provide Flexible Options

If you wish to handle some aspects of the international HR matters internally (e.g., benefits set up and administration), we can certainly work with your team.


The choice is yours.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Blueback Global’s global team ensures that each aspect of international HR is reviewed for quality and compliance with local requirements

Speedy and Timely Response

We respond to all queries, usually within half a day or within the hour.

Areas We Can Support

International HR include the following aspects, fully managed by Blueback Global:

Hiring and Planning Phase
HR advisory, provide advice on local country employment requirements
Local compensation benchmarking
Identify benefits requirements, mandatory and customary
Immigration/mobility rules
Easing into cultural nuances
Recruitment services (select countries)
Customized, locally compliant employment contracts
Employment benefits summary
Employee handbook
On-boarding checklist
Pre-employment evaluations, including eligibility to work in country
Ongoing International HR Administration
Holiday and leave tracking
Hiring and termination checklist and processing
Coordinate payroll setup/enrollment
Benefits setup, enrollment, and administration
Annual returns for payroll tax and social security
Termination out-processing, return of equipment, exit interview
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