Expanding business in Hong Kong
Hong Kong continues to be favorable destination target for foreign businesses looking to expand into Asia. Despite its small size geographically, Hong Kong was ranked as the world’s 7th largest
Global business expansion - korean labor law
Global businesses have long had their eyes on Korea. According to the latest World Bank annual ratings, the country is now ranked number 4 among global economies for ease of
Global business expansions - singapore labor law
As a professional responsible for expanding operations overseas, you need some understanding of the labor laws in the countries and/or regions you’re considering expanding to. The first in a series
doing business in sub saharan africa - global business expansion
Sub-Saharan Africa (Africa) is a vast region with 954.7 million citizens spanning 43 countries. Africa is the 3rd most populous region in the world, yet has the dubious distinction of
doing business in america - global business expansion
The United States (U.S.) and Canada generated a combined GDP of $20.234 trillion, second only to East Asia globally. However, this number grew a modest 1.58% in 2016. According to
journey 2017 tel aviv
JOURNEY 2017 is Israel’s most prestigious annual business conference. This unique conference, which takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on October 25, 2017, features startups and leading companies from the
WWERC 2017 Global Workforce Symposium Chicago | Global Workforce Symposium – September 27-29, 2017   Worldwide ERC’s Global Workforce Symposium featured companies and industry experts focused on global mobility. The
Developed European Union Countries - global business expansion
This article focuses on developed European Union (EU) countries. In our previous article “Making a Case for Investing in the Emerging Europe,” we included 10 developing EU countries (Bulgaria, Croatia,
Doing Business in South Asia - doing business global
South Asia’s aggregate GDP in 2016 totaled $10.72 trillion USD, placing it fourth behind East Asia, the European Union (EU) and the US. With GDP per capita just below $6,300
Doing business in Oceania - Business expansion
For purposes of this article, Australia, New Zealand plus the Pacific Islands combine to form the economic region known as Oceania. From a practical standpoint, only Australia and New Zealand