International Operations Management

The best solution for managing international operations


Blueback Global delivers a more efficient, cost-effective, and focused approach to international operations. Our global markets experience and role as a single point-of-contact means you can confidently navigate the complexities of international expansion while reducing risk and strain on internal resources.

International Entity Solutions

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Entity and Business Registration

We work closely with your team to consider relevant market factors and business goals and establish the entity type most appropriate for your business.

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Accounting and Reporting

Outsourcing these essential functions in an international location is particularly appropriate if the scale and complexity of local operations does not require a full-time internal resource.

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International Payroll

Blueback Global’s team can manage all aspects of international payroll. Payroll reports undergo stringent internal review before they are submitted for client approval. Payroll disbursements can be made directly by our clients or through us

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International HR Services

International locations may not require investments in a full-time internal resource or HR information systems. However, complexities and management concerns persist. We provide a reliable and cost-effective alternative in in-country headcount and system development.

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International Statutory Compliance

Although Regulatory Compliance matters are time sensitive, we assist you in minimizing non-compliance risks by providing timely reminders in advance of due dates.

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International Business Advisory

International M&A transactions pose significant challenges due to varying rules and regulations by country. Our multi-faceted experience in international operations helps smooth the acquisition and integration processes.

International Outsourced Employer Services

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International Contractor Support

Growing international operations may require the involvement of new, contract resources to augment skills and functions in-market. Hiring these resources is inherently cumbersome and complex. We help you effectively establish a contractor presence in desired markets efficiently and affordably.

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International Employer Services

In establishing a corporate presence in new markets, hiring employees becomes a critical priority. We help you navigate the hiring and onboarding of employees – whether through an employment organization or through newly established entities.

    Convenient and effective

    You will receive all services, from a single point of contact

    The choice is yours

    Pick and choose how you want to operate your monthly reports, payroll, entity, and compliance

    Time is of the essence

    We respond to all queries, usually within half a day or within the hour

    Ensuring quality each step of the way

    Blueback Global’s global team ensures that each step is reviewed for consistency, quality, and compliance with local requirements