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Navigate international business

Manage the complexities of operating in international locations and employing across borders, legally and compliantly. We understand business challenges and speak your language. Whether you want advice on inter-company transactions or tax equalization for expat employees, we can help.

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Global Business Advisory

Ensure you have the right entity structure

Whether you are just planning your international expansion, or are already established in foreign locations, we can advise you on the correct entity structure for your proposed activities and work with expert advisers to review your setup and ensure that it is fully compliant.

Operating in multiple countries around the world gives rise to many operational and compliance issues. Determining the ideal method of hiring employees requires planning and assessment. Does your entity have the right structure to enable you to carry out the activities in which you’re going to be involved? What about your transfer pricing arrangements? Are they compliant with local tax authorities?

Every country and situation are different

Global HR Advisory

Call on us for all your complex HR issues

Managing a remote workforce across time zones, language, cultural barriers and changing labor requirements is inherently complex. Is your compensation equitable and competitive? Can HQ benefits such as equity awards be provided locally? How do you terminate an employee’s contract in the Maldives?

Employ legally and compliantly

We offer a single, coordinated source of information and advice that takes into account HR, tax, legal and even accounting issues. We can act as a single point of contact for your people, advising you on how to set up your global payroll and create localized benefits and policies.

The benefits for you are legal, compliant employment that enhances employee loyalty and retention.

It’s like you have an HR resource in every country where you operate

Global Mobility

Manage expat expectations

The opportunity to work in another country and experience a different culture can be attractive to many employees. But managing expat expectations can be challenging – and, if handled badly, can damage employer/employee relations and risk you losing talent.

What are the tax implications of an overseas assignment – both for the employee and your company? How do you adjust compensation so that expat employees are not financially worse off and local employees still feel valued? And what about payroll – do you pay the expat from your home country payroll account or do you pay them as a local employee?

Navigate the complexities

We offer a systematic approach covering all aspects of global mobility from structuring compensation and benefits to ensuring that the payroll is ready and integrated into the local office.

Helping you manage expats' well being, to maximise their impact on your organization

Global Finance & Tax Advisory

Use us as an extension of your team

Global finance, accounting and tax issues are very complex, and mistakes can significantly affect your bottom line. For example, you may find that your VAT claim is rejected because of the way you have defined your activities. You may also need to have additional reporting for headquarters which could be time-consuming to prepare.

How do you ensure you’re meeting local reporting requirements? What about inter-company transactions? Do you have the right inter-company agreement in place and are you calculating foreign exchange differences correctly?

We speak your language

We understand your risks and concerns and speak your language – our team members have held similar positions as Global HR or Accounting Directors in past lives. So we’ll work as part of your team, offering a single point of contact to help you unravel finance and tax complexities. We’ll always consider local requirements in our recommendations, making sure you understand what you need to do to ensure full compliance.

We can help you unwind mistakes and improve processes so you avoid future problems

Mergers and Acquisition Transition Support

Enjoy short-term stability – and keep your people happy

Global mergers, acquisitions and carve-outs bring unique and demanding operational and employment challenges. Overnight, you may acquire 600 new people in jurisdictions where you have no local labor or payroll expertise.

We can smooth your transition to a new organizational structure, helping you at every step of the journey from pre-transaction planning and process development to customized HR support.

Typically, we act as a single point of contact for all HR, legal and payroll issues, providing an inbox for all transition-related queries. We also handle payroll.

Valuable breathing space

By shouldering the burden of day-to-day HR administration, we give you the short-term stability you need to assess needs and make informed decisions about future in-house HR resources. More significantly, we provide transferring employees the support they need to ease anxiety about the transition and to help them thrive in the new organization.

Short-term stabilization to smooth your transition to a new organizational shape

Entity and Operations Wind-Down

Unwind your foreign entities cleanly and compliantly

Unwinding a legal entity in another country can create financial, personal and criminal liabilities for management and the entity’s directors unless it is done properly. There are also data security risks and a high risk of asset loss.

We offer a systematic approach and can advise you on the right procedures and precautions. We’ll help you obtain tax, legal and banking clearance and advise you on asset disposition, so minimizing the risk of people misusing or stealing equipment.

A service tailored to your individual needs

Every termination is different. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll help you wind things down cleanly.

Unwinding a legal entity may sometimes be more complex than creating one

"The reason I went to Blueback Global is their expertise. They know what it’s like to be on the other side – they understand business challenges."

Chief Financial Officer, Leading Technology company

"The reason I went to Blueback Global is their expertise. They know what it’s like to be on the other side – they understand business challenges."

Chief Financial Officer, Leading Technology company

"The reason I went to Blueback Global is their expertise. They know what it’s like to be on the other side – they understand business challenges."

Chief Financial Officer, Leading Technology company

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