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Follow the opportunities to grow your business – wherever they take you. We’ll help you make sure that borders, time zones and jurisdictions don’t get in the way of your international expansion. Whether you need support with local entity setup, compliance or global payroll, we can help.

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Entity Setup and Support

Expand your global footprint and tap into new markets

Want to set up a local entity in another country? Already have foreign entities and want help managing them and keeping them compliant? Whatever stage you’re at in your global expansion, we remove stress and worry and work with you as a trusted partner to meet your specific needs.

We’ll guide you every step of the way

Establishing your company legally and compliantly in another country involves far more than just an international business registration. You will also need to register your company for sales tax, payroll, and social security. You may also need to complete provincial and regional registrations. We can guide you every step of the way from advising you on the right structure to preparing your entity registration documents and setting up management and financial reporting processes.

We understand the challenges of running a business

If you already have international entities and want us to lighten the load of managing day-to-day processes, we can do this too, taking care of your payroll, corporate governance or other matters as you choose. We know how hard it is to run a business and will work with you in a timely efficient way, flexing our services to meet your individual needs.

We are experts in entity setup and can help remove risk from the entire process


Run compliant payroll in every country, every time

Paying employees accurately and on time is vital for any company. But getting payroll right when you are managing global payroll operations across multiple countries can be challenging.

We reduce the administrative complexities that come with international payroll and can manage your company’s entire payroll function through a single point of contact.

Let us shoulder the burden

From setting up payroll registrations to calculating the correct pay, benefits and deductions for your employees, we make payroll processing fast, simple and efficient.

We’ll ensure nothing is overlooked – even when there are last-minute payroll changes or non-regular items. And we’ll help you stay compliant too, making sure you meet local requirements around health insurance contributions or bonus payments.

You can make your monthly payroll payments either directly through your local bank account or through our global and secure payment platform.

Delight your employees with timely, accurate pay

Accounting and Reporting

Simplify your local accounting and financial reporting

The complexities of cross-border accounting principles can make local accounting and financial reporting challenging. Add in language barriers and cultural nuances and it can often make sense to outsource such tasks. This is particularly true if the scale and complexity of your local operations mean you do not need a full-time internal resource.

We flex our service to meet your specific needs

We can set up local accounting records, deliver monthly financial and management reports, and provide monthly reconciliations to help with inter-company accounting. If wished, we can input information directly into your group accounting/ERP software.

As in other areas, we will work as an extension of your internal team, tailoring our service to meet your changing business needs.

We review all accounting and financial reports for consistency

Global Payments

Manage your cross-border payments more easily and economically

Our payment platform ProcessingWorks offers a fast, secure way to manage cross-border transactions such as employee payroll and vendors’ invoices

A global, web-based platform, it provides convenient, secure access and can be set up with multiple layers of authorization to give you the accountability and protection your business requires.

Minimize currency risks

If you want to simplify your payroll and payments processes, protect yourself against currency fluctuations and avoid costly bank fees, ProcessingWorks could be the answer you’re looking for.

Providing one consolidated USD total for all foreign currency payrolls and disbursements, it removes the need to create international wires, exchange currency with banks and maintain beneficiary data.

ProcessingWorks is powered by Cambridge Global Payments, a fully licensed and regulated provider of international payments and currency risk management services, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Say good-bye to the frustrations of dealing with delayed payments, international conversion processes, and costly bank fees

Tax Reporting

Enjoy timely, accurate and compliant tax reporting

Managing cross-border tax reporting for your international entities is not always the best use of time for your internal finance team. It can prove burdensome and time-consuming and take focus away from big picture issues.

We can lighten the load, managing the entire process from tax registrations and filing reports to making your monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

You may need to register for provincial or regional tax as well as complete national registrations

Regulatory Compliance

Minimize risk, litigation and ethical issues

We can help you manage corporate governance around the globe, ensuring your international entities meet deadlines for filing tax and other returns and comply with all local requirements.

Our flexible service covers all aspects of the statutory compliance process from corporate tax and entity returns to corporate secretarial services and support with your financial and tax audits.

Retain the full ability to review and approve documents

We take full responsibility for completing and preparing statutory returns while giving you the full ability to review and approve documents. Timely reminders of submission dates help you minimize the risk of non-compliance and enable us to work together ahead of the respective due dates.

We offer flexible options

Whether you want to outsource the entire statutory compliance process to us or handle some aspects yourself, we can work with you to meet your precise requirements.

Falling out of statutory compliance in a host country can lead to ethical and legal issues that no company wants to face

Nominee Services

Stay compliant with our nominee services

Regulatory requirements in some countries mean you need to have an in-country director to sign certain documents and/or a registered address. You may also need a nominee corporate secretary, nominee shareholder or nominee fiscal representative. We can supply you with all these, ensuring full local compliance.

A service tailored to your individual needs

Every termination is different. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll help you wind things down cleanly.

Unwinding a legal entity may sometimes be more complex than creating one

HR Administration

Achieve organizational efficiencies – and free up internal HR time

Managing everyday HR tasks such as administering benefits, tracking annual leave and holiday, and answering employee queries across different jurisdictions can prove extremely time-consuming – particularly when you do not have local HR resource.

You may want to delegate such tasks to achieve organizational efficiencies or you may simply lack the bandwidth to deal with them. Whatever your needs, we can act as an extension of your internal team, either stepping in on an ad hoc basis or providing ongoing administrative services to free up HR time in your head office.

Global HR services – customized to the needs of the host country

Whether you want us to run an HR inbox, draw up locally compliant employment contracts or distribute your management communications, we can help. Our HR solutions are designed both to meet your needs as a business and ensure you comply with local laws and regulations.

We can take care of everything from onboarding employees to benefits administration

"The reason I went to Blueback Global is their expertise. They know what it’s like to be on the other side – they understand business challenges."

Chief Financial Officer, Leading Technology company

"The reason I went to Blueback Global is their expertise. They know what it’s like to be on the other side – they understand business challenges."

Chief Financial Officer, Leading Technology company

"The reason I went to Blueback Global is their expertise. They know what it’s like to be on the other side – they understand business challenges."

Chief Financial Officer, Leading Technology company

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